Ugly, in a rough, unkempt, disheveled way.
Her hair's so wild it's shazzy.
by Shane Killian October 23, 2003
Top Definition
a word used by the elite and awesome to describe an amazingly awesome event, a word describing incredible amounts of fun; including kick ass partying, alcohol, and sexy people, sexy times..said in a seductive context can create unbelievable feelings of love and interest for the for the nearest hott ass, and or other sexual body parts.

used to describe a feeling of euphoria

description of a hella kick ass person, place, or thing

can be used as a positive swear word.
"oh my god Malcolm's party was shazzy"

"i just had crazy sex and now im feeling nice and shazzy"

"this is going to be a shazzy lil shindig"

"SHAZZ! that girl got some curves!
by kingjoey69 April 12, 2009
a sexy betch who is mexican/white/black/azn.can do the booty bump and the pop lock and drop it andd the soulja boy even though shes white. makes all the cholas jealous, makes girls wish they were here, and all the boys wanna piece of that ass!
"man, i wish i were a shazzy!"
by Ale (The Owner of Shazzy) December 31, 2007
Feeling Shazzy, the feeling one gets after taking a major dump. a euphoric feeling for creating something so big and smelly
A smelly mess, something your proud of and shouldn't be shazzy
by black jack 2500 October 04, 2010
Someone whos wang is hugified by men, uhh rather than women, or what I like to refer to as homounerectus.
Shazzy clearly suffers from homounerectus.
by touch me April 21, 2003
Stereotypical female Aussie bogan name.
Dazza: Aye shaz giz anuva fkn beer willya

Uncle Chopchop: Allo! Allo shazzy!
by Goon1 April 08, 2004
UK only. A homosexual male from, or with the character of being from Essex and probably a hairdresser. Perma tan usually black slicked hair, and a bit naff.

Derived from 'Sharon' a commen essex Girls name, probably a hairdersser with a perma tan.
"I met this lovey, sexy guy last night he was a bit SHAZZY though, and I wonder about his sophistication level"
by Nathan Hook November 30, 2004
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