when you cut a piece of paper up into a lot of pieces then put it into their trapper keeper
"shit son i just got shazzamed"
by mike April 23, 2005
Generally used to reinforce an argument, you scream 'shazzam!' at the end of each sentence.

Helps in proving a point.
'chinese is the most spoken language in the world. SHAZZAM!
'Doughnuts taste petter with cheese. SHAZZAM!!
by cheese-lover 1000 September 04, 2010
A word that is used to express excitement about having found your dream guy, and his name is Dylan.
I found my dream guy. And his name is Dylan. SHAZZAM!
by Cutiecat March 02, 2010
Shazzam, the one word that young billy said to turn into Captain Marvel.
oh no they need help "SHAZZAM" captain marvel saves the day

and or i like to say Shazzam for something cool.or insulting

by Tyler May 05, 2004
Verb- To defecate solid feces, to poop, to take a s***, to do number 2
Noun- A really heinous poo
That food from mr foo's chinese place is making me have to shazzam.
There's a rumbly in my tummy... I feel a shazzam coming on.
by The Real Philly March 01, 2008
To tranfer funds electronically, usually by internet banking.
Give me your sort code and account number and I'll shazzam you some money for the tickets.
by Blue Kieran January 08, 2008
a very cool word, that i often use. Can be used to make emphasis on something. Rather surprising. Or simply as a word sometimes used in magical spells etc
"shazzam, jack hit jill on the nose"

"i will make a rabbit come out of this hat... SHAZZAM!"
by helen July 18, 2004
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