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being emo about lack of female attention or jealousy about others havign fun when you dont want to.
"He's Pulling a shay"
"fit a shay"
by Soapy Mactavish May 12, 2008
89 155
Shay is the girl that everyone would kill to be. Super pretty, smart, honest, nice, and very cool. She's your basic over-achiever and one of the best friends you'll ever know.
Person 1: Hey did you go out with that new girl?
Person 2: Yah and I loved it. She's a Shay.
by wow_mobile! March 04, 2009
1208 696
Is a naturally attractive girl, typically in good shape and loves sports. She can have a piercing-cold glare if you piss her off and will use it to her advantage. Shays usually seem shy but once you get to know her they usually are very funny and talkative. They make very reliable friends and don't put up with anyones shit.
guy 1: oh man shay keeps giving me a death glare

friend of shay: haha she'll be happy to hear you noticed
by subbanfan005 August 28, 2010
573 373
It's a given. As in the Irish goalkeeper Shay Given.
Barcelona is gonna fucking dominate Real Madrid.
by oihdlfshnef August 16, 2011
189 142
Typically A Boy Or Girls Name,They Get It From The Swedish Meaning Which Means "A Gift"
Hey My Name Is Shay Which Means Im A Present To This World.
by HopelessRomantik March 31, 2010
338 306
A princess who is a complete darling and is a perfect mixture of happy, sad, drama, anger, humor & beauty. Very rare to find. Usually found in human shells which are really hard to break and only a deserving candidate gets to break through.
My GF is such a Shay! She made cookies for me today :)

I love Shays! Wish we had more of them.
by watchtheclock May 29, 2013
110 103
We all can be Shay..
by PR3TTY BLAQU3 March 28, 2009
368 366
Aussie slang for a dog with more hair on its tail then head, confusing which end to pat.
That's a Shay breed you don't know which end the bad breath is coming from.
by vrban June 16, 2011
111 121