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Shawnt..the most amazing guy you could ever meet! hes funny,sweet,cute,and always there when you need a friend.although his sarcasm can make him seem like a meanie at times, he has the most amazing personality and hes also extremely smart.hes everything but geeky and any girl would be lucky to have him.(:
"hey have you talked to Shawnt today?"

"yeah,he told me he was in love with Hillary!"

"hey are you friends with Shawnt?"

"HECK YES! hes the most amazing guy in the universe! you HAVE to meet him!"
by rainbowgleek August 21, 2011
A slang for shoot or even shit, depending on how it's said.
Shawnt, she likes me, did you see the way she was looking at me? Shawnt man, I saw that!
Nigga I can't go to the club. I got homework. Shawnt, nigga thats sucks!
by Amdaryl September 11, 2007
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