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Originates from the Sanskrit word that means bravery, heroism and valour.

It is often used for a guy whose unrivalled hotness lets him get away with the hopelessly lame jokes he often cracks and grammatical mistakes he makes.

A Shaurya is often found listening to disturbing music, supressing emotions, aimlessly running around but despite all this, he isn't bad with the girls, probably owing to the raised eyebrow expression he makes. Other explanations are that he is an amazing friend, selfless, supportive and always there.
Why is everyone I know in love with Shaurya? Okay, stupid question.
by IsThisNameTakenToo October 19, 2013
14 4
An organism that has reproductive organs normally associated with both male and female sexes.
Scientifically specious and clinically problematic.
It is unfair to discriminate against a person just because he is a Shaurya.
by Rihanna123 January 16, 2014
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