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The act of cheating, lying, deceiving, cheating, playing ho's, and just plain being a dirtbag.
"Elissa came over and i got head. Then me and Kelly went to get ice cream. and then i fucked Chel in the back seat of my car. I was Shatting hardcore."
by William_Shatner August 14, 2009
shitting + chatting = shatting
by baconizer March 16, 2009
used to describe shit-talking with your mates on chat services such as Skype or MSN Messenger.
I was shatting with Anthony the other day on Messenger and giving him banter about his shaved balls.
by Wordsmith1 November 01, 2007
Combination of the words shit & talking
"that dumb bitch was shatting me in front of everyone!"
by homewrecker315 January 13, 2009
(v.) To drive around in a vehicle with several people stealing from the rich and giving to the random in order to make the world a better, more confusing place.
Adam: "What the hell are we doing tonight?"
Ketan: "We're shatting. Nary a traffic cone, american flag, real estate sign, stone lion, or hooker will remain standing when we're done."
by The Tree Gremlins December 18, 2005