1. when one farts so hard they shit their pants
2. to shit ones pants
there was a farting competition and angie's friend shat himself
by samtina December 18, 2005
Derived from the 2 words shit and chat. A shat (verb) is the act of shiting in accompany public bathroom stalls with a pal or stranger and conversing. Sports, women, weather and simply the act of shiting are popular conversation items. Questions and concerns about dysfunctional shit and/or other body disfigurements as well as life in general are also popular among the information exchange.
During a shat, Marcus told me about his secret fetish about masturbating with a hardy potato in his ass.
by Little John's Itch December 07, 2005
short and fat aka Libby
Whos gives a shat? Libbys mum did!
by Libby February 01, 2005
to describe something was cool or not very cool.
or perhaps an expression of discouragement.
or of course the classic new and hip term of saying shit.
yeah shat that was cool!!!
yeah shat that was not cool!!!
oh shat i lost my fork!!!
by whitney April 22, 2003
Having a fart and shit come out at the same time.
Holy shit, I just shat myself and I thought it was a fart.
by BlackDevil July 21, 2006
To try and fart but accident shit
Jeff: I need to fart bad
Bob: Then fart
Jeff: No, last time I shat myself
by Bigguy001 May 18, 2006
A much cooler word for shit.
The dog shatted in the tub. Ewwwwww!
shat I cant find my cellular!!
by Shawna and Shannon November 23, 2005

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