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the small ditch under the tip of your penis; funnels sperm when masterbaiting.
Man was that understream flowing with cum!
by [Ak]47> March 25, 2009
A Pee Stain Jane, is a nasty old hag who never takes shower and smells like pee and wheres white shirts with stains a shat on it
OMG! Look at Mrs. HOVEN!, ugh! what a nasty old pee stain jane!
by [Ak]47> October 24, 2009
shat, a clean version of the word shit, meant to be said out loud during school.
Tommy: *dropped his books* SHAT!
Tommy: Shat, its not bad!
by [Ak]47> October 24, 2009
Crazy Skank. mean teachers that suck.
Ugh! Mrs. Shoo is fricken crazey, and she bangs everything in sight! What a HOVEN
by [Ak]47> March 25, 2009
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