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When more than one person arrives independently and nearly simultaneously at the answer to a problem or query (usu. of an arcane or perhaps geeky nature). May also be used as an interjection. Cf. jinx.
"Each of you tweeted the answer at about the same time -- it was a shasta."

Person A (shouting): "The answer is T. DeWitt Talmadge."
Person B (just as loudly, at nearly the same instant): "The Reverend Doctor Talmadge!"
Person C: "Shasta!"
by bibliophagist April 16, 2008
The best damn cheap ass soda around fosho!
see shasta mcnasty, mountain shasta and shasta dam
by shasta danieee March 27, 2005
A beautiful mountain, a gorgeous lake, a precious little daisy. An all american beautiful girl can be described as a shasta. It is also the name of an indian tribe. Shasta means having Natural Beauty. Someone who is majestic.
Look at her...she is gorgeous. She doesn't have to wear any makeup at all...she is a true shasta.
by daisylover February 28, 2009
A former notorious true AOL (America Online) hacker who seeked mainly for answers, instead of destruction and elite screen names. This eventually led to him being raided.
Shasta was the first one to gain access to Merlin in February of 2003.
by Jeremy101 August 12, 2005
Cheap, but great-tasting soda brand. Was available everywhere until the 1980s or so, today it's rather difficult to find compared to Pepsi or Coke.

Also a name for a mountain in California, and the name of a defunct camping trailer company.
"Wow! I haven't drank Shasta in years!"
by Jon Revelle February 24, 2009
A drink that is found today at Big Lots or Dollar Tree.
It's 4 for $1.
It's Saturday night; I have no date, a two liter bottle of Shasta, and my all-Rush mix tape... let's rock!
by King Saladbar December 21, 2010
The coolest chick around: Parties like a rock star all night long. Giggles like a lunatic, but that is part of the appeal. Can mix paint, whether she works at a paint store or not.
Dude. You tryin' to match that microscopic paint chip? You gotta get that Shasta'ed.
by Lawyerliz February 12, 2014
A more plesant way to say that you're gonna go release a vowel movement.

-A massive shit.

-The act of taking a dump
1. I'll be back Jim, i gotta go take a Shasta!

2. Paco is always in the restroom, he's the shasta king!
by Ronbrown December 04, 2013