euphimism to denote the profanatory term shit
-Lear found herself in charge with doctors rg and bb, 47 patients in the waiting room, and severe lackage of nursing staff and she began to mumble Ahhh shasta... not the soda!!!!

-Shasta rooms 1-33.
by hell to the yeh dixie ass June 15, 2008
someone who leaves you as a friend and then blurts mean stuff about you to random people and steals your friends.
Man, frank was such a shasta to susie.
by diediediediediedie September 18, 2008
a cola or name for a girl of witch whose mom was giving birth while drinking this beverage.
(mother)-Give me some shasta cola.
by doctahh July 28, 2008
vulgar/slang, n.

Synonym for shit, crap, damn, fuck
"What is this shasta?"
"Maya, gimme that shasta."
"Oh, shasta!!!!"
"Smells like shasta."
by Sammich Stax May 16, 2008
a cheap brand of soda
a girl described as being cheap or easy
Wow, I wonder how Francesca gets all those guys?
Because she's a shasta! Duh!!!

I only have a few cents and i'm really thirsty!
Buy a can of Shasta!!!
by ERH February 01, 2008
a snowboarder who thinks their good but is acctually a complete noob.
a begginer who all the new shit... usually burton. Dosnt go in the park and is afraid to hit rails. this is a shasta.
by mbasile91 January 19, 2008
When more than one person arrives independently and nearly simultaneously at the answer to a problem or query (usu. of an arcane or perhaps geeky nature). May also be used as an interjection. Cf. jinx.
"Each of you tweeted the answer at about the same time -- it was a shasta."

Person A (shouting): "The answer is T. DeWitt Talmadge."
Person B (just as loudly, at nearly the same instant): "The Reverend Doctor Talmadge!"
Person C: "Shasta!"
by bibliophagist April 16, 2008

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