To follow through with poo during a fart! Sharted.
Guy at the Gym..I gotta get off this spin class!!

Guy at the gym's friend: Why?

Guy at the gym...I just sharted
by Gn2206 January 18, 2008
fart plus shit equals shart.

if you still don't know what it means you're ratchet
farting/shitting at the same time. if this happens to you, you just sharted
by June 12, 2012
When you attempt to fart but accidentally shit yourself.
Dude, we need to leave! I just sharted...
by Ishatmyself June 05, 2010
When you you fart so hard a short dribble of shit comes out. It happens to people a lot but they cover it up by either... Flushing their underpants down the tiolet, scrubbing with a wet tissue or running away.
Dude, yesterday I was having a farting competition with my mum, then i accidently Sharted
by Super_Arj September 30, 2007
When you fart and shit at the same time.
Man I just sharted in my pants !
by vmrose August 18, 2007
expelling anal wind with great confidence causing an accidental release of feacal matter
That guy over there has just sharted himself
by Durferer June 14, 2014
The past tense word of Shit
" I just Sharted"
by DeltaStorm Raines July 07, 2013

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