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n1: the product of defecation, i.e. "A steaming pile of sharpton"
n2: a particularly difficult, irritable and smelly act of defecating
v: defecating, i.e. "I have to sharpton so bad"
Ew, that post-Taco Bell sharpton was rank.

Wow, that sharpton took an hour and a I'm covered in sweat and feel violated.

by benmeade April 26, 2007
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A black person that blames their short-comings on everything else but their own laziness and ineptitude; typical excuses include white people and corporate america.
<Insert Name ending in -jon, isha, or iqua Here> was upset because they didn't get the job, and, Sharpton that they were, blamed 'The Man' totally disregarding their criminal record and the fact that they had shown up to the interview late smelling of last night's marijuana and fried chicken.
by VoiceofaGeneration April 27, 2009
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