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n An unpleasant and excessively small toilet or toilet seat obviously created by a child, a woman, a midget or a dwarf (or worse a combination thereof) such that it squashes an average man's junk up against the front of the bowl or squeezes his junk up against the seat resulting in sometimes fleeting, sometimes lasting, sometimes permanent discomfort and/or damage to one's johnson.

adj. "wangmashing" - the quality of being a wangmasher
1. noun Man, that toilet's such a wangmasher that I pissed all over my leg trying to sharpton.

2. adjective I just tried to sharpton in my new apartment but now my manhood has gone numb because of that wangmashing shitter.
by benmeade July 24, 2008
n1: the product of defecation, i.e. "A steaming pile of sharpton"
n2: a particularly difficult, irritable and smelly act of defecating
v: defecating, i.e. "I have to sharpton so bad"
Ew, that post-Taco Bell sharpton was rank.

Wow, that sharpton took an hour and a half...now I'm covered in sweat and feel violated.

by benmeade April 26, 2007
n1: cunt
n2: an irritating vagina
n3: a hyper-partisan, ill-informed, botoxed bitch
1. That bitch was such a pelosi.

2. After listening to her spouting off so much nonsense, I just knew I had to kick her in the pelosi.
by benmeade February 13, 2009

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