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bitch in arabic
dont be a sharmoota.
by ahmed November 01, 2003
origianaly used as "whore" but it became used as "bitch"

sharmoota is a bitch in arabic
that chick is a sharmoota
by booty cop March 19, 2005
slut in arabic . it's an everyday word in egypt
plural sharameet sha-ra-meet
(ya) ibn el sharmoota = (you) son of a bitch
by egyptian September 20, 2005
slut in a middle-eastern language
" how dare u sleep wid my bf u sharmoota!!!"
by suzannah September 29, 2007
a bitch in arabic and also means a smut. that be everywhere and always out like a "tashasha"
that sharmoota likes everyone and is always with a new guy everyday"
by rena December 10, 2003
Another name for Hamas.
Hamas is an organization constructed of Sharmoota.
by BBangas March 10, 2009