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Dublin slang for a person who walks with a rigid upperbody, arms slightly out, trying but failing to be intimidating. Sometimes accompanied by a slight bending of the knees. Often accompanied by screetin.
"The state of that shaper over there, what a dork". Commented Simone.
#throwing shapes #twit #tosser #screetin #scumbag
by Jonny Tennant December 12, 2005
Seamus McDonald
Seamus McDonald walks like a big shaper
#poser #fairy #softy #dancer #faker
by qasweedfrfrrfdfdcfd June 10, 2011
n.(modern amer. slang) The churned-up mix of shit and paper in a badly backed-up toilet.
I couldn't use the bathroom because the toilets were full to the brim with shaper.
by Whiteyford December 09, 2004
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