A cross between "thanks" and "shucks" used to express an especially flattered thank you.
Person #1: What an unparalleled nutritionist you are! Surely, you must be the best in all the world!

Person #2: Aw, you don't say. Shanks!
by bedes October 05, 2006
SHANK - to walk up behind someone and stab them, most of the time the lower back-kidneys
kenard, if u dip, im gonna shank ur ass in school
by tomme August 20, 2003
This is what amazing people say rather than saying "thanks."
Marko: Your a genious, bffl!
Me: Shanks!
by Bffl8 December 12, 2009
To have a shit and a wank at the same time
mmmm I just had an amazing shank!! Multitasking is great.
by Gaylorrrrr May 05, 2011
Shank (1)

A prison term that refers to a home made knife or dagger fashioned out of a regular object

Shank (2)

To shank- To stab or slash someone with a shank

Shanked (3)

A passed tense of shank (2). Could refer to either the speaker or the subject as the shanker
Dude, did you hear about the guy that got killed? He got shanked in prison with a tooth brush!
by Theo Henderson April 20, 2006
To stab someone in Gears of War 3 with your Retro Lancer
Hey cover me guys, I'm gonna go shank someone for a stylish kill!
by Shiny Zebra September 27, 2011
To violently stab someone with the intent of causing serious damage, commonly used when in the presence of a zombie
Jenni Mawson "I'm gonna shank ya"
by The Norton Lass February 09, 2015
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