1 part sprite, 1 part any light beer

forms a nice tastying carbonated beer thats light on the alc. %
aww, I dont know if I feel like a full, gimme a shandy today.
by Nathan Mead November 21, 2005
The name giving to someone who is shit at something and called Andy!
Lisa: "While you call him Shandy?"

Rob: "Because he is shit and he's called Andy"
by BVO1 April 07, 2010
A bitch who uses people for money.
Guy 1: So I took this girl on a trip to Vegas and when we got back she ditched me.

Guy 2: You totally got Shandy'd
by Andrew3D November 19, 2009
To clear one's massive bowels.
"Hey guys, I'll be right back. I need to take a huge shandy.
by shandydoer September 28, 2010
1) A disfigured sharklike gnome;
2) A promiscuous sex god
3) A helenic hero of the trojan war; more generally an adjective describing a boy who loses his virginity at an early age.
1) The shandy attacked my neck
2) Holy shit, you shandy, DO ME.
3) The little girl had her way with the shandy boy.
by campfire madness November 29, 2004

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