An alcoholic drink made by combining half a glass of beer with half a glass of lemonade or other soft drink. Tastes just as good as light beer.
Hmmm...I'm the designated driver tonight. Should I drink a Shandi or a light beer? Each taste like crap, so maybe i'll convince one of my other friends to be the designated driver so i don't have to drink this shit called a Shandi
by fggsfddg February 01, 2006
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From America's Next Top Model 2. Shandi was totally in love with her boyfriend, but one night, having month old pent up sexual frustration went too far with a hot Italian boy from Milan. She was then heartbroken and so was her boyfreind.
There was this really hot guy at the party, and he was so into me, but I could never do a Shandi.
by aceticacid September 02, 2004

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