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a name or term given to a male who partakes in sexual activities with overweight females resembling Shamu, the whale. shortened to "shamz."
Shamz hooked up with another fat girl last night!
#name #overweight #shamu #whale #resembling
by rygbm November 30, 2010
the act of giving oral sex; usually by a stolle or a traulup.
that stolle just gave me some great shamz behind the dumpster.
by jeff December 07, 2004
To be really good at something or a person
with great artistic talent, some one who is very creative,

and or cool. Sometimes added with othe words to add more interest to a word. E.G shamzistic
He is shamzistic at photoshop.

Andrew needs a little shamz to his theatricle work.
#shamzz #director #theatre #creative #fun
by Panoima December 01, 2009
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