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Someone or something soo amazing it's shamazing
Guy1:"OMG!!! DUDE! DUDE! DUDE! Check that out!
Both:looks across the street at the best thing ever
Guy2:"Woah, that's freaking amazing."
Guy1:"Dude, I think that is pass amazing"
Guy2:"Then what could it be, cool,awesome,sick,sweet?"
Guy1:"No, I've got it...SHAMAZING"
Guy2:"Yeah it sure is"
by Deztiny September 25, 2010
1 8
shazam + amazing, used as a descrptive word instead of awesome, amazing, great, good, or anything overused. Can also be changed into sha-fucking-mazing if it was really good.
Chicken enchiladas are absolutely shamazing!
by Julie January 16, 2004
29 8
Equally amazing to, or more amazing than the Shamwow. Something which contains a completely inordinate amount of sheer godliness and could probably be sold in an infomercial.
Guy 1: My girlfriend gave me deep throat last night that went on for like, hours.

Guy 2: That's shamazing!
by satyrcynic February 18, 2010
12 9
An adjective to describe something that is more than just amazing.
Nance and Donald are so shamazing because they are beautiful, smart, hilarious, and lactate beer from their nipples.
by Donald Mengee February 26, 2009
6 6
Adj.: that describes a amazing or awesome noun
Xena and Aaron are Shamazing
by aaronandxena May 08, 2010
2 3
another way to say: amazing, coolio, awesome, and any other words like these. you're just sounding wayyyyy shamazinger now.

(yeahh you know it too!)
dude this concert is SHAMAZING!
that was a shamazing party dude.(:
by neoncolors. June 16, 2009
5 7
Bisexual, a self-description of being. Usually used with a flamboyantly gay facial expression (such as an ear-to-ear grin, showing off extremely shiny and/or white teeth) and/or hand gesture. (see bisexual)
Phillip: "I'm so *shamazing!*"
by birchie August 29, 2008
0 16