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That one friend who always drops by at exactly eleven-o-clock.
Dude 1: Hey, what time is it?
Dude 2: I dunno, have you seen eleven-o-clock Dan yet?
Dude 1: Nope. Guess it's ten-thirty.
by satyrcynic March 31, 2010
Equally amazing to, or more amazing than the Shamwow. Something which contains a completely inordinate amount of sheer godliness and could probably be sold in an infomercial.
Guy 1: My girlfriend gave me deep throat last night that went on for like, hours.

Guy 2: That's shamazing!
by satyrcynic February 18, 2010
Something which is so complicated, it deserves an extra syllable added to the word, just to express how fucking complicated it is.
Having Friends = Simple.
Having Friends with Benefits = Unsimple.
Having a Girlfriend = Complicated.
Finding a baby on your doorstep with your ex-girlfriends name attached = Complicicated.
by satyrcynic February 25, 2010

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