a kid who is abused or not liked.
or a kid with an irregular shaped head.
Person 1 "who dat"
person 2 "dat jack b, he shakey"

"That is one Shakey head"
by Tha Rizzle Bizzle September 20, 2005
Top Definition
Somewhat unsound or dubious.
Having your Mercedes lowered and blacking out the chrome was a shakey idea.
by Lepercolony February 27, 2004
A rolled cigarette containing roughly 30% weed and 70% tobacco.

So called because it typically uses the shake from a bag of weed with tobacco to hold it together.
"It was the last of the bag, so we just rolled some shakeys and played bomberman"
by funkyp September 13, 2006
when a friend lends a hand with a drunk piss
we were taking a three beer piss and just as i finished, my friend reached over and gave me a shakey. i think i liked it!
by visitor June 23, 2007
Another word people from the North East of England use for amphetamines also known as speed. (which is a drug)
I was on the shakey last night and I was off me tits
by GeordieLass4Life March 29, 2011
Shakey. Verb; The act of shaking.
Commonly seen in England having little or no friends or social interaction with women.
That guy is so Shakey.
Look at the way he is shaking the dance floor.
by anonomiss June 30, 2006
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