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it literally means style. its the name for a loud, outgoing, funny, optimistic, energetic, amazing person.

that girl is soo freakin shaily.
by secretluv November 14, 2007
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Shailys usually have best friends that start with C.

They are usually funny, smart, crazy, dirty-minded, beautiful, and perfect in every way!

Shailys are very loyal to their best friends and are willing to do anything for them. Most of them are in the star sign 'Cancer' they are compatible in friendships with Leo.
"She gets straight As in her report!"
"Thats because shes a shaily!"
by mellark January 19, 2014
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a name that means
STYLISH AND PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL perfect in every single way :-) a girl called shaily will be loyal to you in friendship and love.
"That girl is so lucky to have shaily as a best friend!"
by clarissafray January 19, 2014
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