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a hott bitch
shaida iz fit
by Ben September 20, 2003
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shes a freak, a total tomboy with a kickass personality. brown hair brown eyes with a deep mysterious soul. can out do all the boys and has tons of friends. she doesnt say much but what is said can knock you off your feet. great sense of hunor and usually cant be takin seriously. she is a lost traveler with great ambitions to succeed in what ever she does. she makes a great friend but it is very hard getting close to her.
that shaida is something else
An Intelligent, fairly attractive woman. Very selfish, highly manipulative, no ethics and no moral values with only sex and money on her mind. Pathological liar that can do and will do anything to get what she wants. "Sugar coated demon!"
by Zahra123321 April 30, 2010

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