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A persian lord with awe inspiring beauty of body and soul . "Shahar" meaning a big city and "yar" meaning friend , makes it friend of all.
It was so shaharyar of you to invite me over for dinner.
by Mohammad S Khan March 19, 2004
28 14

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(n) An intelligent being
The shaharyar was only 16 years old, but he had already had a masters deegree in Biochemistry.
by SMuzzlim4 January 27, 2003
21 15
Overly smart guy that plays videogames.
" What the hell, ho Shaharyar of you!"
by ANNONYMOUS March 20, 2003
24 19
1. A person who is blind from the truth
2.A person who is just normal and average.
Dude, You are pulling a Shaharyar on me. Just STFU dumbass.

A so-called genius whouldn't have scored less than 650 on SATverbal
by The Truth February 12, 2005
5 28