Shag: British coloquialosm for sex, also was old victorian word for eating grass.
not as offensive as \'fuck\' and you can\'t \'shag off\'
\'i\'m gonna shag a girl\'
\'fancy a shag?\'
by AndrewAnderson85 September 27, 2003
Some people think that shag makes a nice replacement for swag. Well, that is, Americans. Little do they know that it is British slang for sex.
Oh, that's shag, man! Says one guy to his bro.

Person who knows the real meaning just sits in the background and laughs uncontrollably at the gayness.
by Kezi March 14, 2015
A hair style consisting of a tail in the back. a.k.a. A black mullet. Made famous by the Kanye West.
Black brother 1: i need a shape up bad humie
Black brother 2: you should get the shag that everybody's rocking, even ye!
by cholericc May 19, 2013
Collect balls. During volleyball, to make sure we had enough balls on hand, we would tell the kids that they had to "shag" their own balls. Thus, after they hit their ball, they would go and get the same ball and return it to the coach or to the person next in line.
Shag your own balls.
by cherubichomer March 19, 2011
besides the usual definitions given, a shag is da term for rising Chicago-born hairstlye popular among Latinos, Filipinos, and South Asian youths in the Chicago area, often gang affiliated. A shag is kinda like a mullet, except that you are completely bald except on the back of the head, where hair flows down from about mid-ear down to mid-back..kinda looks native-american
1-"Aye yo check out dat ig wit da shag"
2-"Ye i seen em...looks sick"
by Jayceon500 January 15, 2008
a term in volleyball that means to go get the volleyballs after they have been hit.
Go Shag!
by GeZuz2 August 22, 2003
Cornish term for budddy/friend/amigo.
Ere Shag, wasson?

Get on, Shag!!!

Ere Shag, ansom pair of bristols ait, ent ee bey!
by scott993 March 14, 2008
To chase and bring back
He threw the ball and wanted me to shag it.
by Yorga July 07, 2006

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