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Proclamation, often used to reflect BAMFness or to punctuate a success.

Famously used by Jane Rizzoli.
(Jane Rizzoli flashes her badge at an approaching male, he turns away immediately upon seeing the badge)
Jane: Shabow!
by msanimanga August 03, 2011
An interjection used when normal words or other known words can't be thought of at that precise moment.Can usually mean anything you want.

1.Dude! I totally got cock blocked..SHA BOW!

2.(Walk in on friend dryhumping dog)...SHA BOW!

(sha bow, bay shou, bow sha, shee bow or chickitay sha bow)
1. An exclamation of surprise or ecstasy, not used as an adj. because that's just plain retarded.
2. A word that rhymes with, "shadow"
by MrBiscuit March 30, 2011
to run into or shove someone out of the way
"Shabow!" Dude you shabowed me in the back, now i get to shabow you back.
by zachzzzzz April 09, 2009
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