slang for something spectacular
this parade is shaba!
by Brittany March 07, 2005
Usually followed by an exclamation mark. African exclamation with multiple meanings: Anger, War, Excitement, Self contentment, etc. (similar to the english 'BULLY!'). Most effective when exclaimed by an african religious leader running down a street.
by Shaba 13 May 08, 2011
meenz kool , bangin' ,wicked , slammin .
u seen dat biatch in da corna

yea she shaba
by tupac luva October 27, 2003
A large green fruit, which excretes multiple flavoured juices when squeezed or poked by any person with their middle finger longer than their ring finger.
WOW! this shaba juice is extreme! the flavours nearly blew my mind
by illium October 27, 2008
it meenz kool or bangin or shibbay, dat sorta tang.
do u lyk da pic?

ye it shaba ma nizzle
by tupaclova October 27, 2003
To have sexual intercourse with a Donkey
I am Shaba tonight, so I should use protection.
by FOMF December 18, 2008
Shaba was originated in Mr. Lover Man's music video but I guess it came from Africa.
Foe example, if a person iw walking by looking a hot mess and their dark and dusty call them Shaba because they look like their from Africa.
by Flow-Motion October 29, 2004

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