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adj. another form of agreement or excitement. (the more a's you put the more enthusiasm you put into the word)
1. shaaaaa, we're going to the beach!!!
2. "hey bring me food yea?"
"shaaaa babe :]"
3. shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa let's go eat!!!
by Krislam & Tony [051208] <33 June 16, 2008
21 9
Adj. a form of excitement. normally used in a hi pitched voice by pretty boy douche bags before an argumentative sentence.

Shaaa, do you even lift bro?

Shaaa, you like a grub bro

Yo I pound pussy, shaaa.
by mxsupastar September 03, 2013
0 0
A term used in utter disbelief by an ignorant person.
Shaaa I went down rhea hollow today and Shaaa that accord ain't got no styling kit on it shaaa..
by HOLLYWOOD May 01, 2003
3 15