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seems good bro
Joe: I'm going to get drinks after work
Tom: sgb
by wycats March 09, 2012
28 1
Show Me,Give Me,Buy Me

A S.G.B is a person who cares about people for his/her own profit.

SGB people are very materialist.
"I'm Sorry James! But i think you're too blind to see that your girlfriend is a S.G.B! Don't you see that she only cares for you when you're giving gifts to her?"

"Damn Holly! My friend Josh is a real S.G.B! He only calls me when he needs me to drive him somewhere and give him some money!"
by U.Bee December 09, 2007
2 4
straight, gay, or bi?
(what is your sexual orientation?)
asl sgb?
age, sex, location straight, gay, bi?
by urbandudenj June 06, 2011
2 7
secret girlfriend/ boyfriend
yeh atm we are sgb
by newcastle boii January 05, 2009
10 15
Super ghetto booty
That girl has a huge SGB!
by Meg July 02, 2004
8 17
Super Ginger Bear!!!!!
Dude 1: Hey, who's that?
Dude 2: Oh that's just a super ginger bear. He eats bear poon and smokes Marlboro Lights bro.
Dude 1: Sweet.
SGB: RAAAAAWWWWRRRR!!!! I'll end ya!
Dude 1 & 2: Sic bro bear endage.
by Ghettojihad March 04, 2011
4 16