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seems good bro
Joe: I'm going to get drinks after work
Tom: sgb
by wycats March 09, 2012
She Got Booty
*shows instagram picture of girl*
by slimdog January 05, 2015
Such a Good Bitch.

The art of being fabulous by doing all the right things at all the right times
That Gemma is a total SGB. Last night that guy in the club was really bugging me and she roshambo'd him out the door.
by Arsebadger November 18, 2014
Show Me,Give Me,Buy Me

A S.G.B is a person who cares about people for his/her own profit.

SGB people are very materialist.
"I'm Sorry James! But i think you're too blind to see that your girlfriend is a S.G.B! Don't you see that she only cares for you when you're giving gifts to her?"

"Damn Holly! My friend Josh is a real S.G.B! He only calls me when he needs me to drive him somewhere and give him some money!"
by U.Bee December 09, 2007
straight, gay, or bi?
(what is your sexual orientation?)
asl sgb?
age, sex, location straight, gay, bi?
by urbandudenj June 06, 2011
Super ghetto booty
That girl has a huge SGB!
by Meg July 02, 2004
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