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Shit, fuckin', yeah! An expression of agreement. I concur.

A phrase coined by Sydney band, The Snowdroppers, and used by people to express delight in an idea or suggestion.
Alana - Did you guys see the Snowdroppers play last night?
Stevie - SFY!! They were awesome!

Beth - Hey guys, I'm coming to town for one night only. Do you wanna catch up?
Ben - SFY!
by Vonbare January 31, 2015
Abbreviation of "Speak for yourself."
"I think we're the only ones who find each other funny."
"SFY, I'm fucking hilarious."
by blahblahblah12345omglolwtf August 31, 2012
Means both 'See for Yourself' and 'Speak for Yourself'.
Tom: "who's playing tonight"
Jake: "sfy"
Tom: "your an idiot"
Jake: "sfy"
by azuzu March 08, 2015
"Sorry For You" = SFY used as a brief acronym to show you feel for someone in chat conversations. Gernally said in a sarcastic way denoting you are glad you aren't them because you would feel really bad if it was happening to you, but probablly don't give a shit and think it's funny because it's not happening to you.
Statement: I'm hella sick atm. I've got stuffy, sneezy, coughy, achy...and I don't like Nyquil.
Reply: Hahahaha your sick SFY!

Statement: My mom is going to college.
Reply: Hahaha, wow SFY

Statement: I am leaving work early, SFY.
by Mayme Meep November 21, 2006
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