Top Definition
1. beautiful, sexy
2. awesome
3. an exclamation of approval

Popularized by Gan Xingba's Avatar: the Last Airbender abridged series video "Haru Beauty Products".
S/he's sexyfine.

I read the book. It was sexyfine.

by Nile Crocodile August 19, 2009
A combination of the words "sexy" and "fine" to denote something extremely hot beyond normal comprehension.
Did you see that guy mowing his lawn without a top? He was pretty damn sexyfine!
by thisissuperk September 20, 2009
adj. a term created by Jacob Kelleher to describe himself. It is believed one can only be Sexy-Fine with the assistance of goggles, though recent studies show it is not required but it helps. Sexy-Fine is the combination of being both sexy and fine. You are attractive in a sexual way and also have an attractive personality. It is more than just being fine and sexy as they are joined by a hyphen.
exp. That guy is Sexy-Fine.
exp. That girl is Sexy-Fine
by Antitwian July 06, 2010
the word jesse uses when he is trying to make julia crack up, also see hard
"you're sexy fine"
various other examples involve the word hard
by juliajay August 14, 2005
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