a confident usually smiling man or woman complimented with a nice face or body. or both
That guy over there is pretty sexy.
by Missalliane September 03, 2006
Sexually attractive, usually in a more smooth and adult way than cute or pretty. Can describe both genders.

It's kind of ridiculous that all of the example pictures are women...did anyone say sexist?
The Todd recognizes sexiness, regardless of gender.

Jill: Bob you're so sexy.
Bob: Not as sexy as you.
Jill: Not as sexy as YOU.
Bob: Yeah, you're right.

by One World One Love August 09, 2008
Beautiful in a provocative manner
Guy sees girl, first thing that comes to mind is sex,then asks himself y?Then the word sexy was invented
The Eleventh Doctor's nickname for the TARDIS aka Idris.
The Doctor: Sorry, do you have a name?
Idris: Seven hundred years and finally he asks.
The Doctor: But what do I call you?
Idris: I think you call me... Sexy?
The Doctor: embarassed Only when we're alone.
Idris: We are alone.
The Doctor: Oh. Come on, then, Sexy.
by Skyuni123 June 26, 2011
Someone who YOU find attractive. Someone who in your opinion is appealing. This person may not seem "Sexy" to others, but to you they are the definition OF sexy.

People saying that the girls in the example pictures aren't sexy, are not getting what sexy means. To you they may not be sexy, but, to someone they could be the most beautiful, sexy, hott thing EVER.
Boy 1- That girl isn't that hott dude. Look at the rolls..

Boy 2- So what man??? I mean look up top she got a nice rack and face... She seems sexy to me.
by Azul_Subio December 01, 2009
Sam and Pete Loeffler are the epitome of sexy! They possess everything you could possibly want in a man! They are talented, extremely good looking, smart, down to earth, and funny.
"I would jump those sexy motherfuckers."

"At the concert sam was such a sexy motherfucker on the drums....he can beat me anytime with his sticks!"

"At the concert Pete was such a sexy beast. When he sang it was orgasmic."
by Emotional Drought May 17, 2009
To put it simply: Johnny Depp
"God, that guy is sexy!"
"What are you talking about? He isn't Johnny Depp."
by muffinmonster April 19, 2008

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