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a really good orgasm
"I need a cigarette after that sexual eruption."
by princesstara December 30, 2007
Whenever a guy Gets a red rocket and squirts out through his penis hole.
So there I was, Laying on my bed, watching porno, There were two lesbians licking eachothers chest, and rubbing eachothers clit, then, I got a hard one. I was only in my boxers, then, I wasnt. I took them off, and started rubbing my big fat dick, ( Im an 11 inch by the way) My hands began hurting so bad, I kept taking breaks, even though I didnt want to, but my hand started kramping up, so I went into my kitchen tried taking pain pills to help, then went back into the room, layed down, realizing, I had a red rocket, I started beating off more, I knew my hand hurt, but I kept going, thats when the volcano exploded everywhere, I got a sexual eruption
by Wo Bist Du Devin November 11, 2009
It is when the man ejaculates with a burst of semen that rocks the room and causes the whole area to erupt and become white like vanila cum.
Edgar had a sexual eruption thinking of a hot ass girl.
by Edgar G. March 14, 2008
1) The act of orgasming
2) Snoop Dogg's failed song.
Man I can't wait till we do the nasty and have a sexual eruption.

Snoop Dogg's song sexual eruption is bad because he tries to be something he's not.
by Noobitz October 29, 2007
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