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a word that the media made up after some Greensburg Salem school district's principals invaded the students privacy by taking their phone and then felt the need to go through the students messages and then reported it to the police.
i bet our principals feel like badasses now since they got their school on the news for "sexting", when teenagers don't even call it that.
by C523BB January 28, 2009
334 1109
v: the act of text messaging someone in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later; initially casual, transitioning into highly suggestive and even sexually explicit
In a sentence: "He keeps sexting me saying how hard he is and how much he wants to tap my ass," Cindy said massaging her breasts unconsciously.

Sexting in action:
Nancy: "Wut do u want?"
Bob: "Cum over to my place now."
Nancy: "Is NE1 else there?"
Bob: "No. I need to c u."
Nancy: "K. Will b there soon."
by BTheWordMaker April 07, 2008
10037 4932
To have a arousing conversation through dirty text messages or sexual delight
I was sexting with my girl last night and boy did it get raunchy. Did you no where she likes to keep her phone when its on vibrate?
by Crew "Spank" Ryan March 25, 2008
2427 1782
When a guy and a girl send dirty text messages back and forth to eachother. Pictures may also be included, but only if you're lucky.
Guy: I wanna fuck you so bad right now
Girl: Oh same here...How are you gonna do it?
Guy: Well first i would......
Girl: Oh yes! keep talkin.

When can we stop Sexting, and just have real sex?
by Sublime300 June 19, 2008
3713 3084
like phone sex except throught texting.
Jonathan likes to do sexting girls because he is too shy to call them.
by bubblewandview May 09, 2006
1998 1620
Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit text messages back and forth with a partner. Essentially, it's like trying to watch pornography on a dial up internet connection. 5 seconds of gratification for every 5 minutes you wait.
Little Johnny couldn't decide between watching porn or sexting with a girl. He decided to sext with a hot girl from school. 3 hours later he came.
by Ktotheile May 28, 2010
1240 864
When a person texts about what they are going to do when they have sex or when they are horny..
Amy was sitting at home until her boyfriend texted her "you wanna start sexting". She said "Yea". And this what happened

Jack: First we are going to make-out for thirty minutes.
Amy: Then I'm gonna start taking off your pants.
Jack: Then, I'm gonna take off everything you got while still kissing
Amy: Then I'm gonna start sucking your big juicy dick and spit on it and suck it some more.

Jack: Once your finsh we are going to stop, make sure all our clothes are off and I go get a condom and start fucking you.

Amy:Then I will scream your name,"Jack Jack"!
Jack:Then I will say, "Pop that Pussy:.
Amy: We will be fucking for hours, until I start fingering myself.
Jack:Since, My big 10 in dick almost can't go in your pussy, I will start masturbating on your big ass boobs.
Amy:Then after a hour off me pushing, you cum on my face and lips and I suck your dick...
by thesupakid February 08, 2010
1866 1530
The art of sending sexy text messages.
Boy: "I want you so bad right now,"
Girl: "I want you more."

We were sexting last night.
by Beannnx3 April 20, 2009
1047 765