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Sextation is a travel experience, such as a vacation, where the primary recreational activity happens to be engaging in sex with your significant other. It can also be used when there isn't an official vacation, but one is staying at home. Similar to a stay-cation, you don't need to leave home to enjoy the many benefits. It usually implies that the sex is extended, over a day or more, like a vacation, but a sextation.
Oh my God, my new BF is so hot! We didn't leave his house for three days - it was like a total sextation -three nights, and four days. All inclusive. I need a vacation!
by Fun&Nice May 16, 2016
combination of temptation and sex...having a temptation for sex
damn girl i have extreme sextation when i look at you ;)
by christophorus September 03, 2010
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