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a sexual escapade; a wild and oftentimes illicit sexual episode
Last night was great! I had a sexcapade with my hot neighbour.
by iheartsexcapades April 17, 2005
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A sexual escapade that usuially has much more excitement and drama attached than regular sexual encounters.
Are still envolved in that sexcapade with you boss?
by Aubrey Duke May 02, 2005
An adventurous and somewhat risky sexual endeavor.
Did you hear about her sexcapade? They did the "dirty deed" on her mom’s office desk.
by DictionaryGoddess June 11, 2007
escapades involving intercourse.
Usually, sex had in exciting places such as the middle of a golf course, a roller coaster or the prop room.
There were a multitude of sexcapades during the prom.
by olga chickenofsfaj;fis! June 17, 2007
1. a period of sexual indulgence

2. an incident of a sexual nature
Another celebrity sexcapade is causing a moral panic.
by The Return of Light Joker April 25, 2009
Combination of "sexual intercourse" and "escapades."

Used to describe (usually) wild, sexually-oriented advetures.
Friend: "And then he gave me a bj. . ."
You: "That's all fine and dandy, but I don't care to hear about your personal sexcapades."
by Synthetikax August 12, 2009
Sexual excapades. Can be anything related to sex, but is generally wild and slightly dangerous
Our sexcapade on the golf course last night ended when the groundskeeper found us.
by americanhoney March 11, 2009
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