an awesome punk band from the 70's, that did not invent punk, nor define it, (the clash and ramones did that) but made it hard for many bands to follow up to their degree of punk royalty.
the sex pistols rocked and are rocking generations to come, but the clash was better...
by individualanarchist December 22, 2003
Was one of the most influential british punk rock bands fom the 70s. The original line up consisted of the lead singer Johnny Rotten (real name John Lydon) guitarist Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook and bassist Glen Mattlock. Glen was later replaced with Sid Vicious (real name Simon John Ritchie.) Some of their songs include God Save the Queen, Seventeen, Bodies, EMI, Holiday in the Sun, and probably their best known Anarchy in the U.K.. In 1978 Sid was accused of murdering his american girlfriend Nancy Spungeon. A few months later while awaiting trial in 1979 Sid passed away of a heroine overdose and Nancy's murder was never solved. This probably marked the end of their historical rein on the punk scene in the 70s.
Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols is a punk rock god.
A magical weapon that, when aimed and fired at a target, forces the target into magickal sexual intercourse with the wielder.
OMG! That guy just used a whole bunch of sex pistols on that goat!
by Caminus Umbra December 28, 2007
earley brit rock, suidal guys with guitars see pikey and yob.
i saw the sexpistol last night they were pikeys (yobs) but not sqaddies , no never sqaddies.........
by greg November 30, 2003
A manufactured punk-rock group from the '70s. Even though they were Malcom McLaren's puppets, even though they couldn't play their instruments, even though Sid probably DID kill Nancy, I still love them.
And y'know, they were just as manufactured as Avril Lavigne is. "God Save The Queen" is as catchy as "Sk8er Boi", though "God Save the Queen" pissed off a lot more people.
The Sex Pistols are a good group, but the Ramones and the Clash are real punk.
by That Other Girl November 26, 2006
band definded punk.

punk was invented my Iggy and the Stooges you stupid cunts, not the ramones
Ever got the feeling you've been cheated
by Deranged November 23, 2003
The best band ever that are the only "punk" band with none of this pussie emo gay shit they started punk and now people rekon mxpx is punk sexpistols didnt give a shit about nothing they just wanted furture generations to say fuck it here is the truth and thats what they did they didnt care about money people government any thing at all they just wanted every one to be them selfs and not the be same following others. Johnny Rotten was a genious no matter what sid couldnt play a fucking note but he was the best bass played ever and steve jones and paul cook bailed on them cos of the fucking dick head malcome mclaren they later realized they were wrong and what a cunt malcome was and malcome fucked up sid if it wasnt for him the best band in the world would still be around causing anarchy unlike all these other pussie dick head wana be punk bands who are just pure shit!!
sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols sex pistols
by JimmyClegg October 28, 2006

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