It sorta messy and sticking up.
sex hair-Joe Jonas has sex hair, its messy and looks even better when hes sweaty!
by gummybearlicker July 28, 2008
sh stands for Sex Hair.
This word is commonly used when describing someone who has bad hair. Their hair looks as though they have just had sex, as the hair is very messy and all over the place.
eg. 'Yo Rhiannon! no offense but you have sex hair.'
by Lillie Bean October 24, 2007
When one's hair is all messed up in the back of their head do to friction from sex.
"I was so embarrassed when I had Sex Hair coming back from Peter's house!"

"Dude! Stacie has a major case of Sex Hair today!"
by Burt Macklin FBI May 17, 2015

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