the act of intercourse.
jen was relaxing in the hottub wearing her favorite red lacey bikini when all of a sudden jake, her neighbor and long time interest jumped in beside her.
jen was surprised to say the least, especially since she had never spoken to jake except for the occasional awkward "hi" when passing on the street. she had taken an extreme notice in him since she first laid eyes on his tall, muscled body. she loved the way his eyes and his hair had the same deep brown color, and how, try as he may, he could never keep his hair out of those big eyes.
what jen didn't know about jake was that he had been noticing her from afar as much, if not more, than jen had noticed him. jake could not get her out of his mind. everytime he closed his eyes she was there, her long blonde curls swaying in the wind, or her beautiful face staring back at his own with her big blue eyes, or the shape of her body in a fantastic hourglass form. he wanted, needed her. and since he noticed that her parents had packed up their bags for what looked like a long trip, he took his opprotunity now.
"hey," jake began casually, "sorry if i splashed you coming in, i don't make the most graceful entrences."
jen laughed, "i can see that."
"i hope you don't mind if i join you," jake continued, "i just saw you over here and thought you could use some company." he tried to keep it breezy but he distinctly heard a note of excitement in his own voice as he said it.
jen caught the note as well and her heart started to beat a little bit faster. "well that's sweet of you! i like your bathing suit, by the way." she said setting him up.
"well thanks", he said smiling at her, "i love yours though...i can't really see it properly from here though..." he moved closer to jen as he noticed her breasts moving up and down faster and faster as he got closer, "....she must know what i'm here for...." he thought
jen tried to control herself but the thought of jake being so close to her excited her more than anything else before.
jake crept closer moving through the water slowly and calmly when all he wanted to do was rush over and rip her clothes off, but the restrained.
"oh yes..." jake said staring down at jen's breast, "...very that lace?"
"yes" she breathed, her heart beating faster than ever, she had decided to go all out now, "why don't you feel it? it's quite nice."
jake smiled down at her from his standing position, looking right into her eyes. "so she does know." he thought.
jen smiled back now gaining some control over her heartrate, she now sat waiting for his first move.
"well," said jake calmly, "we can't go jumping bases, now can we? we got to start from first." as he said that he leaned forward and kissed her softly.
jen was extatic, she had to open her eyes once to see if it was really him kissing her. but after that she sank into his kiss as he sat down beside her, letting him do whatever he wanted.
he took her face in his hands and then worked them down to her waist as he massaged her tongue softly with his. jen got closer to him and wrapped her arma around his back and started to kiss him much more passionately, wanting him more than ever. jake's hands now moved up and down her sides barely grazed the breasts, he knew this would drive her insane.
he guessed right, she moaned slightly and kissed him deeper while she got up and sat on his lap, running her fingers through his lovely brown hair. jake reached behind her back and started to undue her top but had some trouble.
jen giggled and took his hands in hers and directed them how to untie it, kissing him all the while. she now pulled her top over her head and sat there waiting for him to do something.
"like 'em?" she asked the staring jake.
jake closed his mouth and regained his composure, "...oh well yeah." he said taking one into each of his hands, "what are they?"
"34Ds." jen smiled down at him.
"perfect." he replied and continued to kiss her as he now massaged her breasts as well.
"i always knew you were a big boob kind of guy." she breathed in between the ryhthm of kissing. all jake could do was continue kisssing her deeper and deeper.
he now reached his hand down under the water and started rubbing her through her bottoms. she gasped once or twice before saying "take off your shorts."
jake smiled and said "you have to take them off for me." jen smiled back and got off of jake so he could stand up. as he did she knelt down, her shoulders still above water and slid his trunks off slowly, teasing him.
as they came lower and lower jen's eyes widened. before her was the biggest cock she had ever seen, 10 inches long and 2 inches wide, nearly fully hard. jake sat back down, the head of his cock sticking out of the water, and pulled jen back onto his lap and said, "i always knew you were a big cock kind of girl." then continued to kiss her, but jen had seen what she wanted and wanted it now, she reached down under the water in front of her and started moving her hand up and down his massive cock, slowly at first then faster, as she continued to kiss him harder and harder.
jake was having a difficult time keeping up with her kissing as she was doing this so jen moved to his neck and sucked and gently bit it. he breathed harder than her now. she moved her hand faster and faster till it was the hardest he had ever been. jake, in return ripped off her bottoms and started fingering her, grazing her clit perfectly everytime he moved in a circular motion.
this was too much for her, she had her first orgasm of that night and moaned and screamed so loudly that she thought the neighbors would all hear. she covered her mouth and peered into jakes eyes.
"it's ok" he said taking her hands from her mouth and kissing her, "no one will hear."
jen could not stand it, that last kiss had the effect of her orgasm on her, she wanted to make jake so happy.
"sit on the side." she said.
jake did as he was told. he sat on the side naked and watched jen climb up and kneel on the hottub bench over his cock and smile. she went opened her mouth and took as much of it as she could in. he breathed in sharply feeling her tongue whirl around his head while she sucked softly. she moved it in and out of her mouth quickly then went to the sides, she licked the entire shaft slowly down one side, then went to the other side and did the same, she rubbing his balls with one hand and ran her other hand up and down his thigh. she made her way back to her head and wet it with her tongue and blew softly on the tip then kissed it.
jake gripped the side of the hottub firmly. he felt like he was about to burst. but she wasn't quite done, she moved her head lower and licked the underside of his massive cock starting from the base and moving so provacatively slwly to the tip, she blew again on the still wet head and he exploded. cum going everywhere.
he breathed a huge sigh and looked down at jen, she was licking up nearly every last drop of cum.
he couldn't stand how amazing she was, he was going to please her now, he wanted to give so much back to her. he got hard agian immediately just thinking about it.
he slid down next to her in the tub, the hot water feeling so good around him after getting the best blowjob in his life. he kissed her harder and deeper than ever before and then looked her in the eye and said "now what do you want, i'll do anything, anything, for you. especially after that."
she smiled up at him and said, "all i want is that cock in me, now."
he obliged immediately.
she worked her way back to the tub wall and sat on the bench, arms up on the side to either side of her, breasts floating and jiggling in the hot bubbling water, and legs spread apart wide. jake made his way over to her, harder than ever just looking at her, he stood in front of her for a minute then grabbed her by the waist.
he let his dick move around her amazing thighs and through her pussy lips. she closed her eyes and moaned in anticipation, "'re teasing me now...." he continued to leave her waiting till she put her lips by his ear and whispered softly and seductively calmly, "i need you in me now."
that wa enough for him, he plunged his huge cock in her. she gasped after every thrust at first then simply moaned in pleasure. he was shallow fucking her at first, to build the suspense, but she thought she might burst from excitement.
"FASTER!" she nearly shouted. "FASTER!"
this demand was granted and he began to move faster. everytime grazing her clit.
"OH MY GOD!" she cried, "i know you can go deeper, deeper...deeper!"
but he didn't do this he stayed the same, shallow fucking her. her pleasure built higher and higher till she came for a second time, harder than the last and much longer.
her moans and screams turned jake on even more, if it was possible. as he could feel her pussy spasming around his cock he pounded it in deeper than before, and faster, before she could catch her breath.
she couldn't believe it, it was deeper than anyone had ever gone in her, she was at a loss for words. all she could do was breathe between every thrust.
he still wasn't in deep enough for him though. he moved steadily deeper and deeper in her, he was lost in how good it felt but he still kept his quick pace.
"urrrrrrr.. oh i love this tight pussy!" he told her as he went deeper and deeper. every inch by inch feeling better and better.
jens breasts were bouncing up and down faster and faster. jake blew his hair out of his eyes to watch them.
jen wrapped her arms around hi neck and kissed him in time to his fucking amazing thrusts, each one deeper and deeper.
he needed more of her now.
he picked up her right leg and put it over his shoulder. he was 7 inches in her now, he felt like coming once or twice but held back. she was tighter than anyone he had met and every moan and scream made him hornier and hornier. at eight inches in she came for the third time after he hit her g spot 3 times in a row.
"this was too good" she thought.
she stopped him from pounding her and said, "now i need to do something for you...please..." she was nearly out of breath.
"no." he said and went right back to fucking her, now putting down her leg and bringing the other one up.
"i have something to show you," he said through gritted teeth, her pussy was still spasming and it felt so fucking good on his dick, "i call it my 2 pump cum."
but before she could say anything, he grabbed her sholders to brace himself and pushed all 10 inches of his delicious cock into her, she screamed in delight, his balls hitting her ass, then before she could realize what was happening he had pulled out except for his head and then jammed it right back in with more force, practically destroying her g spot.
she couldn't breathe, she had came in 2 pumps, as did jake, the pleasure was so good, she felt it through every inch of her body. her mouth was open but she couldn't make a sound for the longest time, like a roller coaster when it goes down the first big hill, and all you want to do is scream with excitement, but you can't.
she looked up at jake. her eyes wide, her mouth still open slightly. he smiled down at her, "like it?" he said.
she took a few breaths then said, "you might want to write that sex trick down to remember."
he laughed and embraced her, kissing her softly, running his fingers through her hair.
he had her now, and he wouldn't let her go.
by atallnot September 16, 2008
An extremely complex physical, emotional, pyschological, and spirtual act in which two or more humans pleasure each other with their bodies, specifially, their genitals. Also useful for reproduction in when practiced between a male and a female. Humans, however, are the only species who have devoted so much study to the subject, espeically on the non-physical aspects. After centuries of study and observation, they have come up with this general definition:
We have no fucking idea how to define sex. But it's a fun way to pass the time.
by Bored and sleepless November 06, 2005
When a man uses his erect penis to insert it into a woman's vagina and he pumps it in and out of the vagina or the woman bounces up and down on it.
We backed toward my desk. She unbuttoned my shirt and I stuck one hand up underneath her dress, stroking the folds of her pussy gently. Alora rarely wore panties and today was no exception. She was incredibly wet. I felt her spread her legs so I obligingly inserted two fingers into her dripping sex, making her moan with pleasure and melt against my bare chest as I pumped her slowly. My fingers searched deep inside her. I curved them hard against her pussy walls and she gasped as I hit her g-spot. Soon she was grinding herself against my fingers and working her way to a giant orgasm. I kept fingering her, harder and harder, eventually putting three fingers inside her pussy and ramming her g-spot in just the way I knew she liked it, pumping her hand until she clenched against me and bit back a scream of sexual joy.

Moments later, she shimmied off my fingers and beckoned to me to sit down in my office chair behind my desk. I dropped my pants and briefs and sat down, stroking my 9” cock gently, expecting her to sit on my dick. She didn’t. I watched her walk around the front of my desk. She dropped to her knees and crawled underneath it. I couldn’t believe my wife was about to make my fantasy of an at-work, under-the-desk BJ a reality, but that’s exactly what she was doing. I felt her tug at my desk chair to roll me closer to the desk. I couldn’t even see her, only feel her soft hands stroking my legs.

I felt her tongue flick the sensitive tip of my cock. Damn, she was good. She licked it from the base to the tip, still invisible underneath my desk. I sat back and groaned in ecstasy as she licked me all over. She sucked gently at each ball, taking them into her mouth and working them carefully with her tongue.

Finally, when she knew I wanted it more than anything, she took my cock all the way into her mouth and began to deep-throat me. She impaled her mouth on my dick with each stroke. Her perfect little lips felt wet and soft against my cock as she mouth-fucked me, giving the perfect combination of friction and suppleness. I reached under the desk and grabbed her head, pushing my cock deeper into her throat as she sucked hungrily.

When I felt like I was getting close to coming in her mouth, I pulled back and stood up. My wife came out from under the desk. She knew what was next. She worked the dress down, exposing her bare, round breasts, and stood there rubbing her nipples and waiting for me as I cleared off my desk hastily, spilling papers and the portfolio and files and receipts into a confused paper tangle on the floor. My dripping cock stuck straight in front of me. I was still wearing my crisp white dress shirt; Alora had on the tall stripper shoes and the metallic dress, which she’d now hiked up so both her breasts and the tip of her shaved mound were exposed.

As soon as I’d cleared us a space, Alora sat down on my huge executive desk. She’d been a cheerleader in college and could still do the splits, so when she spread her legs, the heels of her shoes pointed to opposite walls and I could see actually into her hot, wet pussy. I grabbed a thigh with each hand and paused a moment to admire the picture of my wife ready and waiting on my desk.

Then I positioned my dick at her entrance and started pushing the thick head inside of her. She raised her arms above her head and moaned. I leaned over, pushing myself another inch or so into her, and licked one generous 36D breast. I began sucking her tits while I gradually stuck my dick into her pulsing cunt. She writhed in anticipation. I knew she wanted me to fuck her hard, but I liked making her wait a bit.

Eventually I’d pushed myself about six inches inside of her. I used one hand to hold her wrists over her head and flicked her clit with the other, sending her into spasms of pleasure.

Once I’d amused myself with her tits and shallow fucked her for a while, I too needed to fuck her good and hard. I kept her wrists pinioned and curled my other hand against her shoulder for leverage. She grinned at me. My naughty little wife loves getting fucked, and the office environment was making both of us hot as hell.

I grabbed her shoulder and cranked my cock deep into her pussy. My cockhead pressed against the back of her walls. We both closed our eyes and succumbed to pure pleasure. I thrust in and out of her, gaining speed, making sure each stroke reached the absolute back of her and burying myself balls-deep in her sweet snatch.

My wife’s breasts bounced up and down as I fucked her. The desk squeaked and started moving backward as my strokes became ever deeper and harder. I forced her legs wider apart and moved both hands to her shoulders, pumping into her as I felt my orgasm approaching. Alora’s perfect body felt both firm and yielding underneath me. She was a slave to my dick, pierced by its girth and length. We were both panting and moaning gently and I could sense she was on the verge of a giant orgasm, too.

We came together as I gave one last hard thrust, hitting her g-spot and sending us into paradise at the same time. I felt my dick spurt inside of her. We held there and enjoyed the hot cum filling her pussy and surrounding my cock. When I finally pulled out, she put one finger inside herself and brought it to her lips to taste my cum.

When we’d recovered, we climbed off the desk and straightened ourselves in silence. She fixed her dress and retrieved her coat before helping me pile the miscellaneous papers back on my desk, making sure to put the portfolio on top. It was 5:15. I wrapped my arms around my wife and kissed her. Stopping in the doorway, she said slyly, “Good luck with your meeting. Hope I helped you relax a bit.”

“Thanks. I’m certainly more relaxed… See you at home.”
by sdiufaspb November 04, 2007
when a man puts his penis inside a womans vagina
usually done for pleasure by teens and horny people
done to make babies
Jane - Did he have sex with you last night?
Ginger - yeah he was good
by sexxgoddess February 27, 2005
What more than 50% of the definitions on this site are about..
There are definitions having to do with sex for the most unusual words or phrases, including "ice cream sandwich", "magician", "jack the ripper", and "airhead".
by SomeBadJoke July 04, 2006
1. Gender (e.g. - male ar female)

2. When a man repetedly puts his hard penis in and out of a woman's wet vagina.
1. Name? - Joe.
Sex? - Male.

2. She walked into the room and just looked at him. He looked back, taking in her full beauty. He couldn't stop himself from walking over to her, grabbing her around the waist, and kissing her. They kissed gently at first, but then they fully engulfed each other with thier arms and the kiss grew more passionate and deep. They loved the taste and feel of each other's tounges pressing against theirs.
She felt herself walking backwards and leading them until her back was up against the kitchen counter. He lifted her up so she was sitting on the counter, and they never broke their kiss. They stopped and pulled away, each staring into the other's eyes. She looked down and began to unbotton his shirt. He tore it off and reached to remove hers. He lifted it over her head and started kissing her again, passionatley. He pulled her off of the counter and they made their way to the bedroom, stopping against a few walls along the way to kiss each other more. They tumbled onto the bed, and he stopped kissing her so that he could unbutton her jeans and pull them off. She did the same to him, and he proceeded to undo her bra. He tossed it aside, and pulled her panties away too. She flipped him over so that she could be in control, and she took off his baxers and threw them to the side. She kissed his lips, then moved her mouth down the smooth expanse of his muscular chest, made her way past his stomach and finally began to suck on his penis. His dick was so huge that her entire mouth and both hands couldn't even come close to covering it completely. He moaned with joy as she rubbed and sucked, feeling the pleasure building up inside of him. She stopped before he came, though, because she had to have more of him. She mounted him and let his 9-inch-long, 3-inch-across cock penetrate into her wet vagina. She moved herself up and down, and their pleasure built up even more. He rolled them over so he could take over, pushing hard and fast. He kissed her in rhythm with his thrusts, driving her insane with pleasure. He knew he was on the brink of cumming, but he held it back, desperately wanting to give her an orgasm.
He reached his hands up and massaged her breasts in the same rhythm as his kisses and his deep penetrations. They would swallow each others groans of pleasure into their kisses. She felt her pleasure building up, as if she were ready to explode. His penis then hit her g-spot and she came, felling waves of pleasure coarse through her entire body. She screamed his name with pure joy, and he finally let himself cum into her. He pulled out, kissed her once more, and then lay beside her. She turned to face him, and decided that she wasn't done just yet. She kissed him softly, then reached her hands down and took hold of his dick. He breathed heavily as she began to rub it gently. she reached one hand into a drawer of the bedside table and got some lube. She put a good amount into her hands, and then took hold of his penis again. She started slowly rubbing at first, allowing him to get hard again. She picked up the pace as his cock curved up to her, wanting more. His glans turned bright red, and she began to go in a circular motion aroung the top of his penis, he begged her for more, moaning and gasping and breathing heavily. She tickled the underside of his cock, and gently fluttered his balls. He could barely take the torture, but he knew he was lost in her rhythm. He cummed everywhere, but he was still hard, so he rolled them over and started banging her again. She came even harder the second time, screaming with pleasure as the orgasm rocked through her body. he pulled out and laid beside her and they fell asleep spooning, exhausted from their best sex ever.
by lost123 August 31, 2007
Insert Tab A into Slot B.
George made wild buttsecks to his brother, Samuel.
by Your name March 05, 2005
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