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something fun and sexy ;)
penis into vagina

or vagina to vagina

or dick to ass =)

known also as love making and humping.
It was a cold winter night when Tom had his girlfriend Shelia over. Things were getting steamy. Shelia was still a virgin and tonight was the night she told Tom. Tom put his hands down her pants and got her all warmed up. She took off her top exposing her large breasts. "Let's go." she said as she pushed her body on top of his. Unbuttoning his pants. She unzipped his jeans and pulled them down toward his knees. he shook them off and she rubbed her body on his for a moment before taking her bra off right in his face. Tom was hard already. "Whenever your ready." Tom said smiling. He couldn't wait to get inside her. She traced his chest with his finger until she reached his dick. she brought her mouth down to his nine inch cock and gave him a long tasteful blow job by lapping his cock and licking up the sides. he moaned then came into her mouth and she swallowed it all. he thought it was so sexy. Tom took off Shelia's thong and procceded to eat her out. She exploded and moaned. "Let's just fuck." she said as she jumped ontop of Tom. She rode his huge cock like a professional. Grinding her hips into his crotch. She moaned and humped into him more. he resisited cumming into her. she had an orgasm and they switched positions. he took her from behind this time doggy style. She moaned and took it in the back of her hot wet pussy. popping her cherry was amazing she was so tight Tom thought. "Harder!!" Shelia squealed. Tom pumped his hard cock into her she had a second orgasm. he soon came into her pussy and they laid next to eachother that night remembering the wonderful sex. they had hot sex the next morning.
by newdirector July 06, 2009

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