love gun, rocket, the monkey, ding dong, dingus, dinghy, wong, dong, Tootsie Roll, wiener, need I say more? The inspiration for the name of one of the most famous punk rock bands of all time.
Graham is in the rest room polishing his sex pistol again.
by rock'n'roller April 09, 2007
British punk band in the late 1970's consisting of 4 Members, Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones, Glen Matlock(Later replaced by Sid Vicious) and Paul Cook. This band used loud offensive music & lyrics, which definied punk for what it is,not what it seems,making punk rock of true essence to society.

R.I.P. Sid Vicious

I know you didn't kill Nancy
The Sex Pistols created/defined punk so fuck off!
by Jim Greco March 31, 2004
Honestly, the best band ever. Didn't give a damn what anybody thought. My kind of men right there.
Sid Vicious
by Mrs.Vicious November 23, 2004
I'd just like to make a note that Deranged, the source of definition number 12, well he's right.
He is! He knows what he's talking about
by Marko December 27, 2004
A band whom many belive created or started punk, though they did not, they did help define the genre. By the way, Iggy pop and the stooges didn't start punk, that would be the Mc5.
um...anarchy in the U.K...?
by EHFAR December 07, 2003
A great punk band. Had a lot of good songs, but had ill tempered members(sorry Jonny and Sid). And they had one hell of a good guitarist.
nothing else really to say
by punkfroggie14 May 27, 2003
Despite what people believe, were NOT a manufactured band.were not brought together by that lying asshole Malcolm Mclaren. Paul and Steve went a long way back. So did Johnny and Sid. Were not told what do on that Bill who-ever-the-hell show. Apparently Malcolm was cowering in the back awaiting a lawsuit. Mclaren did nothing for the band but mooch of their succes. But I guess he was somewhat clever. He did trick you all into believing him. Asshole.
Sex Pistols will live forever.
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