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An intense sexcapade of legendary proportions. During a "Sewage Slurp" the woman spreads her butt, revealing her butthole, allowing for the male to approach and apply his tongue to her anus. This move is similar to its cousin the Rim Job yet differs in that while the male is massaging the womans butthole with his tongue the woman procedes to defecate on the mans face. The "Sewage Slurp" allows for custimization according to the preferences of the participants: the man can be masturbating during the sewage slurp, getting beaten off, or beating off another man.
Tommy is tired of the rimjob so he and Sally move on to a Sewage Slurp.

Bob takes Diane to mexican restuarants before he attempts a sewage slurp.

PAST TENSE- I sewage slurped your mom.
by Yeti420 February 09, 2007

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