When something is both serious and severe, and when neither word is strong enough.
My hybrid just got mowed down by a tanker truck. The damage is severious
by Hitomichu March 06, 2012
Top Definition
Obviously a crossing of Serious, and Severe. used to punctuate as absolutely dire, or "not joking" statement or situation.
The Condition is Severious..

I am Severious.(when asked about the seriousness, or truthfullness of your statement).

Also, Severiously..
by JTYRHE June 04, 2004
A combination of the words; severe and serious, to emphasize something that is not only serious or severe, but severely serious.
"dude, did you just see that fight then"
"yeah man, it was way severious"
by Tucker_ver.3.0 April 12, 2007
A cross between "severe" and "serious."
There was a severious pileup on the highway due to dense fog.
by Momtoabbys February 05, 2010
Severious: The combination of two distinct words, Sever and Serious. It means to go over the top with something. To add an extreme action or force to a subject.
Dude:... I just FAILED all of my classes!!
Other dude: Are you Severious?... That is some Severious SHIT
by Fishman1319 January 27, 2009
From "severe" and "serious". Important, acute, and/or demanding prompt attention.
We got some severious problems developing at work.

Ive got the most severious headache right now.
by Nick Sangia March 26, 2003
A word combining the similar words "Severe," and "Serious." Invented by the same losers without lives as "Dafts", and can be used in any context that "Severe" or "Serious" would also be used.
The woman sat there in the E.R. with her eyes staring downwards at the tiles, daring not to think of the approaching doom her husband surely awaited. Nonetheless, the doctor came from the backroom and approached her. The doctor spoke with an almost angry tone, assumedly shunning his own shortcomings. The doctor spoke now:

"Ma'am," he said with regret, "I'm sorry to inform you that your husband has a very... severious condition."
by Tater Tot Wojkowski December 11, 2006
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