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A combination of the words; severe and serious, to emphasize something that is not only serious or severe, but severely serious.
"dude, did you just see that fight then"
"yeah man, it was way severious"
by Tucker_ver.3.0 April 12, 2007
a compound of the words dong and ridiculous.

To be 'Redongulous', is the verbal practise of making a conceptual leap in a conversation from realism to a fantasy like manifestation of truth.
Jane~ Imagine if one day i became a real air hostess.
James~ Imagine if my life dream became true and I was sucked into a black hole through the bannana galaxy of Blooortai.
Jane~ Why must you always be so redongulous James !!
by Tucker_ver.3.0 April 12, 2007
the act of doing a wall climber against a tree.

see wall climber
'o man, there's no walls around to do climbers'
'no worries, we'll use this tree and do tree climbers instead'
by Tucker_ver.3.0 April 11, 2007
a colloquial rhyming slang term referring to a shotty bong (known as a rip-through or non-bowl bong). the word comes from Pete Tong, which is mistakenly used as a rhyme slang from 'wrong'
"o man thats was such a phat pete"
"init, i put 21 stabs on...that's why"
by Tucker_ver.3.0 April 11, 2007

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