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in large scale poker tournaments (World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker) the final table is made up of six players. thus, the "bubble place", i.e. missing the final table, is seventh. usually the final table in these tournament events is televised, so besides missing the prize money jump, the player also misses being on televisions (and the endorsements that come with it.)

Joe Sebok, son of poker legend Barry Greenstein, has had two WPT 7th place finishes; his friend, poker pro Gavin Smith, gave him the nickname "Seventhbok" for this feat.

03/12/07 - $ 9,600 WPT Championship Event No Limit Hold'em Bay 101 Shooting Stars, San Jose

08/25/07 - $ 9,500 No Limit Hold'em Championship Event 2007 Legends of Poker, Los Angeles
i was playing great and had a good loose-aggressive image. i picked up aces on the button and raised; the big blind called and we got it all-in on the flop. i was a big dog to his flopped set and end up going out Seventhbok.
by sellthekids January 31, 2008
"bubbling" or finishing seventh in a televised poker tournament like semi-famous poker pro Joe Sebok
Damn, I totally seventhboked that WPT tournament
by Christian Heilman January 31, 2008
premature ejaculation. named for Joe Sebok (nicknamed "the cub" because he has never won a world series) who has a talent for finishing early.
I hooked up with a hot blonde and things were going great until I got a little too excited and seventhbokked
by bugboy March 07, 2008
To come up short sexually; to fail in a sexual context.
As the Cub moved in for a kiss Shannon E. turned her head and seventhboked him on the doorstep. OR. Then Shannon E. whispered to Joe Seboks Father Barry Greenstein "no i would never seventhbok you Bear"(NBC HU Champ).
by mr.bum February 26, 2008
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