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Name affectionately given to dogs believed to be reincarnated versions of other dogs.
This dog is so much like my other dog that it must be Seuss!
by Painya September 14, 2006
verb-to own powerfully; synonym for pwn (or pown); to utterly destroy another's hopes and dreams
You just got seussed
by Anti-cow July 27, 2011
To replace words of any kind, preferably swear words. Your job is to decode it.
Seuss you man, I wanna seuss you so hard.
by Seuss McGee July 09, 2011
Term used for any and all things tiny and cute, preferably fuzzy. Common use when describing newborn animals, however can be used when describing inanimate objects as well.
Did you see that seuss little herd of ducklings cross the road?
by B.Hawkes July 07, 2006
A cluster or group of nerds that live, travel, eat, gather, or play together.
A seuss of D&D players are gathering in their parents' basement.
by maximus January 26, 2005
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