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an interjection commonly replacing moop meep and or shmoopas a way to disrupt and awkward silence in an atempt to bust the gut of the receiver. or chasing cahoots.
hey bill.....
by franchesca January 21, 2007
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Shmeeps is an outer body experience and when you feel one coming on (you'll know when) you must express it by announcing "shmeeps" in any tone and dialect you feel is appropriate for the situation you are in.
If you are having a long day you would shmeep, while accentuating the "eeeeps" part. ex; "shmeeeeeeeeeeeps"


If you are scared you can say "ah shmeeps" quickly
by shmeeps. August 14, 2010
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a word to use in awkward silences
joe: are sexy
suzy: shmeep
by alison183 February 13, 2008
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Shmeep- (adj., verb., noun., adverb., etc.)

A word that serves the purpose of any other word when meaning is supposed to be kept to ones self
I know I'm not supposed to use this kind of language, but SHMEEP!!!!!

Bob: What are you hiding?

You: I'm hiding the fact that shmeep shmeep shmeep shmeep shmeep.
by randompengicorn June 26, 2014
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