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SETONAX is made out of two words: setonas + naxuj* and means magic creature(or event caused by that creature) that interferes or manifests itself in the most inappropriate place and time. This manifestation causes a lot of distress and FAIL to occur. The setonax is also closely related to JKL**-LISG*** and that combined in the triumvirate completes the cycle of misery for regular people. If setonax becomes attached to particular person, that person becomes mentally ill and dies.
*nahuj(nachuj, na chuj, na xuj) -- journey not defined in terms of distance nor direction but implies that one must go and while constantly fucking him(her)self in the ass and joggling go far far away and die.
**JKL -- Jebanas Kaimas Lietuva. definition of Lithuania.
***LISG -- Lietuvos Internetas Super Gaidys. describes situation in Lithuanian internet. Means epic stress caused by downloading 1Gb file over Dial-up connection. and disconnect on 98%. without resume or reconnect because the phone line has no tone.
These terms occurred between 2000 and 2003 in #BeOS on They are in use and widespread. LISG for instance does not only refer to Lithuanian Internet, but to any Internet Connection that is fucked up or otherwise challenged.

created by Mops.
CD-ROM stops burning -- setonax occurred.
error in program that just cannot be debugged -- setonax is messin' with ya.
metro delay occurred -- setonax manifestation.
internet is too slow -- LISG
the only way to celebrate country's important date is to run marathon -- JKL
by Viaceslav (Mops) January 19, 2008
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