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N. Seton High School located in Price Hill Ohio. Seton girls are the girls who are the biggest partiers you can find on the West side and are usually very attractive. Known as the "Seton Sluts" only because the other all-girl GCL schools are jealous that Elder High School is the neighbor to Seton. These girls basically rule the West side along with Elder. Seton girls can have fun at any party in any situation and are always reliable to have the biggest kick-ass parties with plenty of drunken memories. Don't mess with them.
Boy 1: What should we do tonight?
Boy 2: Someone should have a party!
Boy 1: Let's invite all the Seton girls, they're bad ass!
Boy 2: Totally man. Those Mercy Mutts are lame... and they might be lesbians.
by BaddAss29 December 01, 2009
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